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Tech Copy Expert LLC

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    Hire Tech Copy Expert

    The premiere agency for hiring technical writers, content designers, and UX/UI writers.

    We have a niche and highly skilled pool of trained tech writing talent. Learn how you can partner with us to hire our best students!

    How We Serve You:

    • Users get frustrated and call customer service for not being able to complete specific tasks on the app or software, which is quite expensive

    • Low retention and engagement rates. We help keep users engaged in the app by speaking their language and designing an experience that makes it easy to use and understand how your app works

    • Most companies don’t have the time to train tech writing talent

    • Most companies aren’t sure how to attract tech writing talent

    • Most companies aren’t able to identify the right talent for their content needs. You really don’t want your engineers writing the interface copy for your app. And you don’t want someone in Marketing writing your Help Center content.


    • Web-based software and mobile apps that are easy to understand by your internal users and end users.

    • A comprehensive user experience that users and customers relate to.

    • Instructions that are easy to follow so that your users can

    Tech Copy Expert Specialties

    App Interface Copy (UX/UI writing)

    We create microcopy to help improve the overall user experience of your web or mobile-based app.

    Technical Writing

    We create simple yet useful instructions that are necessary to help your users/customers accomplish their tasks when engaging with your application.

    Content Strategy

    We cross-collaborate with your engineers, UX/UI designers, product managers, and researchers to create quality content for your users.

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    We provide writing and editing services for the following on a project basis:

    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    • Copy for web-based applications

    • Mobile app user-interface copy

    • Instructional video scripts and tutorials

    • User-friendly manuals

    • Technical specifications and application programming interfaces (APIs)

    • Help center/knowledge-based articles

    • Training materials for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications

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