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    Success Stories

    Success Story


    I got 2 great short-term contracts editing training materials after taking your course — one with Honeywell, another with Amazon. What you teach in your course is seriously an in-demand skill. I would recommend it highly to others.

    Success Story


    Using your tips, I tweaked my job profile and as a result, plenty of recruiters have been contacting me. I landed several interviews, but ended up accepting an offer from Google. They found me on LinkedIn and I used information from the course to ace the interviews (total of 4) and got the offer. Thank you so much for diligently putting your heart in the course. The information you give is priceless.

    Success Story


    Thanks for reaching out 🙂 I do have a few updates for you!

    The last time we talked in September I had just landed a contract with an e-learning medical company. I started off as an assistant in the engineering department, organizing content and creating exams for them. In December, they hired me full-time and in February they made me a manager of the content engineering team lol. While I didn’t have the medical experience they were looking for at first, they loved my work ethic and said I brought a great balance to their engineering team 🙂

    In January, I landed another e-learning medical position designing an onboarding program for a group of new software engineers. Your interviewing tips and the portfolio samples really helped me land this one!

    Overall, I’ve been having a great year. I honestly don’t know how to thank you enough! Your course was definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2020 & I recommend it to people all the time. While I’m not a technical writer per say, I plan to use my contracting experience to grow as a Technical Writer/UX Designer in the next 3-5 years.

    When I first bought your course I was in my first week of graduate school for Higher Education. I took a chance, dropped out and decided to focus solely on technical writing and getting into the tech world. It’s only been 8 months and I was able to pay off 12K in credit card debt, move out of my parents home and now I’m on track to pay off my 22K in student loans this year 🙂 All thanks to you and the tips you gave in your course! Taking your course has made me a better instructional designer and helped me find my niche in the tech world! Medical e-learning has been growing like crazy since the pandemic started.

    Would be more than happy to write a more detailed testimonial if you’d like!

    Thanks again and all the best,

    Success Story


    Former Student Here: This course was worth every penny!! My career has been changed for the better. Now, making nore than double what I used to at an easier job. For clarity, I don’t write anymore but I do work in editing at a top tech company. I wouldn’t have this job without this course. There are so many tech writing jobs out there — it’s a great field.

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