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    Get Paid to write in a tech-savvy world

    Kickstart Your Tech Writing Career

    Tech writing may be for you if you want to advance your career and make more income with your words.

    5-Day Email Series

    Do you love creating tutorials and how-to articles?

    Do you have a knack for making complex subjects easier to understand?

    Constantly picking apart apps and programs and rewriting how they should work in your mind?

    How to Break Into Tech Writing

    In this 5-day email series, you’ll learn:

    • What a tech writer actually does

    • Why NOW is the time to get started as a tech writer

    • How much you can REALLY make as a tech writer

    • Top 5 perks of being a tech writer

    • Strategies to getting a tech writing job without filling out job applications, pitching to clients, or bidding on freelance job boards

    • Worst mistakes to make when applying for jobs (plus what you SHOULD do instead)

    • And more!

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