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Tech Copy Expert LLC

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  • Tulsa, OK 74132
  • (918) 921-4731

    About Us

    We’re an online education and workforce development company.

    We train and staff tech writers to meet the demands of companies providing web and mobile-based applications in various industries to millions of users.

    Our mission is to help as many people advance their careers by developing tech writing skills with real-world, practical lessons and exercises so that they are job-ready and apply what they learn to quickly and effectively create and drive content solutions to our partner employers.

    Our goal is to provide the best talent to help solve content solutions for our partners…

    Our Values


    We get to know users first. We think about their pain points, challenges (including accessibility), desires, and what could make their experience with your application/software better.

    Content strategy focused:

    We develop a content strategy before we start writing or editing. Our content solutions are comprehensive and carefully crafted to meet our clients’ and their users’ needs. We don’t simply make one-off edit requests, we design end-to-end user experiences.

    Collaboration centric:

    We believe writers thrive when working closely with UX designers, Interactive designers, engineers, product managers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders. We believe that diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts fosters an experience that users can relate to and delight in.


    We treat our students, staff, partners, clients, and everyone we engage with respect. We believe and acknowledge that words and powerful. Respect helps us to be sensitive to various forms of self-expression and to operate with integrity which is reflected in our work.

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