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    Why Hire Tech Copy Expert graduates

    We select our most talented and motivated students through testing and portfolio development then send them out to work on short-term contracts at tech companies to gain experience and hone their skills in a business environment. The professionals we offer have the training and tools that allow them to effectively perform tasks for the development of your business.


    Choose a short-term project best suited for entry-level graduates for a 2-3 month internship.


    We provide you with our top-performing and best-suited professionals that have graduated from our course then connect them with internship opportunities at your company to best hone their practical, real-world skills while delivering valuable content solutions


    Fast-track your way to the best employees for your team. After project completion and careful evaluation, your company has the option to hire our skilled and experienced graduates full-time as a Tech Copy Expert contractor or a full-time employee with your company.

    Recommended projects for our Tech Copy Expert graduates

    • Help Center/Knowledge base content development

    • Mobile app interface copy

    • Content audit for user comprehension and consistency in voice and tone

    • Leverage existing CMS tools to organize, create, edit, review, and publish content efficiently

    • Update any outdated technical content

    • Create and edit Standard Operating Procedures

    Student Portfolio

    See examples of projects that our students have worked on:

    Copywriting for email series: one for lead generation and another to nurture paying clients. Both campaigns generated above industry standard results.

    Email Marketing Results

    Thought Leadership Articles on Data Science

    Tech Writing Training

    Our students learn…

    Module 1: Create Your Portfolio

    Lesson 1: Learn the 5-step strategy to creating any piece of technical content

    Lesson 2: How to create instructional content exercise

    Lesson 3: Exercise on how to write text for web applications

    Lesson 4: Step-by-step walkthrough of creating your “professional bait” think piece

    Module 2: Update Your Resume

    Lesson 1: Eliminate the common mistakes and irrelevant content from your resume

    Lesson 2: How to leverage job descriptions for your resume

    Lesson 3: Exactly what you should add to your resume to stand out

    Module 3: Update Your Job-Search Profiles

    Lesson 1: Why you shouldn’t just search for jobs on popular job board sites and what to do with them instead

    Lesson 2: Step-by-step walkthrough of what to include in your job-search profiles

    Lesson 3: Which job-search sites to use to maximize your chances of getting callbacks from recruiters

    Module 4: Attract Recruiters Like a Magnet

    Lesson 1: Exact email script I use to connect with the best recruiters

    Lesson 2: Secrets to flipping the job-search script and getting recruiters to do the work for you, essentially bringing you job opportunities vs. you blindly searching for a needle-in-a-haystack jobs.

    Module 5: Become a badazz writer with on-the-job confidence

    Lesson 1: The #1 thing to prepare for besides the job interview

    Lesson 2: The 3 documents to ask for and get familiar with to show your team that you’re a pro

    Lesson 3: Tips to working confidently with your team as a tech writer

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