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    Expert-led training in technical writing, content design, and UX/UI writing

    Why Tech Writing?

    Tech writers and content designers make web and mobile apps easier to understand and use

    Just about every great company today has a web-based software or mobile app. In both small and large organizations, tech writers and content designers play a critical role by helping make those software applications and mobile apps easy to understand and use. While we don’t design how they look, we write every word for the button, menu, and even error message you see on an app’s interface. We also write Help Center articles, software instructions, and any copy necessary to improve the overall user experience.

    Tech Writing Course

    Tech writing is one of the best non-technical careers, especially if you love making complex subjects easier to understand. You get to write instructional content for software and mobile apps in various industries such as Tech, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, and more.

    Average salary is $70K - $110K

    More than 250,000 jobs available

    For Companies

    What good is your software or application if no one understands what it does or how to use it? Today’s user demands apps that are intuitive and easy to use. They are more likely to engage when they know what your app does and guide them to make the next best click or tap.

    Qualify for in-demand tech writing jobs

    Get started learning the core technical writing framework and ADDIP principles to plan and create compelling content design and improve a digital user experience. You’ll also learn how to analyze end users effectively and how to write instructions for web and mobile applications.

    To increase your chances of getting hired with one of our employer partners, you’ll also learn how to:

    Build a tech writer's portfolio.

    Rewrite your resume and LinkedIn profile to make you stand out.

    Prep for your interview and what to do your first week on the job.

    You'll also get insider tips on how to work effectively with your team.

    The course is designed to help you expand your tech writing skills and prepare for an entry-level or mid-level career as a:

    • Technical Writer

    • UX/UI Writer

    • Content Strategist

    • Content Designer

    • Content Developer

    • Web Content Manager

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    Who is This For?

    Working professional that wants to switch careers and is moderately good at writing

    Freelance writer struggling to make a decent living in what you love

    Enjoys writing for fun and considering taking writing more seriously as a career

    Loves writing and wants to learn a new skill and boost your professional credibility

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